Stubai hay nights

Unforgettable experience for your holiday

Rustic romance for all ages!

Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in a fragrant hay bed, in a rustic hay barn? Soft bedding, through the skylight a view of the velvety-black sky with thousands of stars? At the Stubai hay nights you can experience a piece of nature very closely! Herbs, clover and various grasses, dried by the sun, stored by a farmer in the barn - this is your cuddly nest for a night as a couple, with children or with friends!

With warming wool blankets, pillows and sleeping bags, a hay bed is converted into a cuddly bed for the night - it guarantees a soothing sleep and sweet dreams. Spending the night in a soft hay bed is a great holiday adventure fir children. Exciting and funny stories are told up to late night, until they finally get tired and fall asleep surrounded by the aromatic hay smell.

When the crowing rooster launches the start of a day in the morning, a hearty farm breakfast awaits you in the farm or in the open air, with fresh home-baked bread and delicious homemade products. Of course, there are well-maintained sanitary facilities and showers available for you at night.
Martina from Omesbergerhof in Neustift has already prepared the beds in the "Plattn-Stadl". Here you also get a Jausenbasket with a good Schnapsl for a rustic dinner. In the morning you can wash your eyes with fresh spring water and then enjoy a delicious farmer's breakfast.

Price: € 40 per person / night incl. picnic basket and farmer's breakfast and use of sanitary facilities
Child discount: 50% for children up to 12 years
Number of participants up to 6 persons